Final Fantasy

Picture of the Day: The Original Look of Sazh Katzroy

BCSIi_ACMAAD073In the picture of the day is our lovely pal from Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh Katzroy. This concept art is from FF25th Memorial Ultimania vol3 and is titled as “Sazh Original Look” which looks… quite different to the final one he got. What do you think? Would  have you preferred this kind of look for Sazh in Final Fantasy XIII?

Thanks for the picture goes to our lovely French friend site, @FFWorld!


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    • Remember lightning was meant to b a flirt. Now that I think about it the characters really went through some changes, I wonder if they never changed their original designs, what kind of game it would’ve ended up to b. Also dose this mean Hope was suppose to b this really buff dude. >=D

      • Yeah, they probably would’ve had quite a different game! Based on Light’s original design, she might’ve even had a love interest. XD

      • I’m glad they made those changes FFXIII might have been a sappy game with a bunch of knot heads and luv sick puppy’s running around. Now that’s a game I would expect a lot of haters to hate. I really liked FF13 all the charterer’s seem to equal each other out. =)

  1. For some reason I can see him as lightnings next target to hit. I’m glad they changed sazhs looks he just looks more fatherly and easy going in his final design (just the way he’s suppose to b portrayed as). I like his final design. =)

  2. Wooooow…seems like Rygdea would have been following Soldier Girl around instead if Sazh’s original design was kept. Great find! ;)

  3. First time ive seen this!
    The original does look pretty cool – very similar to snow!
    But i do like the design they went with Sazh in the end :p

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