Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for 3DS

“Final Fantasy Explorers” is coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

Final Fantasy Explorers is a new 3DS game telling a story about mysterious unknown cast trying to collect crystals, and defeat summons and monster. The new scan from Famitsu also features a picture of Ifrit which will be one of the summons making an appear in the game. Some traditional role elements are there too: you can choose from different jobs such as knight, monk, black and white mage. There isn’t information about the battle system or whether it is action- or turn-based.

Let’s hope Square Enix will be revealing more about the game during their E3 livestream.


Thanks for the scan, Kazu <3

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  1. Sounds interesting – plus itll be another game to add to my 3DS Library :)
    I do know that its Multiplayer – but whether thats optional or a part of the game im not sure – and because of that idk if there is any Singleplayer – just have to wait and see

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