Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

How to Activate Outerworld Services, Share Screenshots and Unlock Siegfried Garb in Lightning Returns (Demo)

Yesterday we received a lots of questions about how to activate Outerworld Services, share screenshots or unlock the Siegfried garb in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (demo). That’s why we decided to create a guide  for the wandering lost souls.

STEP 1: Go to the settings and choose “Enable Network Connections”.

Hint: On Xbox 360, you may receive a warning message about privacy – Go to dashboard and console’s settings and change privacy settings.

STEP 2: After enabling, you will get to read “Terms of Use”* (which nobody actually reads) – just choose “I agree”.

*A small text in the contract suggests that now on Lightning owns your soul.

STEP 3: You will receive a special authentication code that you need enter on a special authentication website. Link to the website is HERE.

FACEBOOK: Turn “Link with Facebook” on and once you share the first screenshot, the game suggests you to log in with your Facebook account.

Here is the Facebook app / Outerworlds app.

STEP 4: Enter the code.

STEP 5:  Authorize app.

STEP 6: Congrats! You are done now! Let’s have a look at the snapshot sharing…

STEP 7: Press start and snapshot sharing menu will be opened. Enter your nickname (can’t be changed later) and start sharing the joy!

STEP 8: Take snapshot! Zoom, change the camera angle, strike a pose and BAM! You’re done! Later on you can access to snapshot mode by pressing start then square / X. Screenshots can be taken in battles, normal cutscenes and on the field.


But for real! Screenshot sharing can become very addictive and fun entertainment! At its finest, it encourages players be creative and do something fun like our Light & Dog slideshow story, for example!


LRFFXIII_ZaltysNow that everything has been set to work with this guide, you are ready to face the all mighty boss of the demo, Zaltys. Once you manage to beat it and share the battle score via Outerworld Services and you will unlock a special outfit for the full game.

There won’t be any confirmation messages about unlocking but it will be available to you in the Rewards Barter Shop, which located in the main menu of  the full game.

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  1. I can’t seem to get it to link to my facebook account.

    I have the option to share on facebook enabled and I’ve uploaded (successfully) several times, but it’s never given me a prompt to log in to my facebook account and there seems to be ano activity on the facebook side. Is there a way to force the game to connect again?

  2. Does anyone knows how to get a new authentication code or change the Twitter account? I logged with the wrong account, revoked acess on Twitter and now I can’t authorize the app again,

    • Now that you have revoked access from Twitter – turn off Outerworld Services and Twitter, (perhaps reboot the whole game after that, and do the next step in the title menu) then turn them both on again, and you should receive a new code. It may take a bit of time. Hit me up if it did or did not help you with this problem. :)

  3. I’m having problems… I turn on Facebook but it still doesn’t recognize it, I added the facebook app, but it still seems like it doesn’t want to recoginze it… someone help :(

    • Did it show you “log in Facebook” scene on your console? Try to share screenshot when it’s turned on and see if it gives you a message “log in”, and lets you to fill email + password information.

      If you are an Xbox user, make sure your privacy settings allow sharing, and you have Gold time. :)

  4. The first day i had the game i turned the link to Facebook on and everything worked great…snapshots kept showing up as posts..i was happy and a lot of friends enjoyed seeing all the FF pictures…but now every time i submit a snapshot it says something along the lines of “sent to outerworld services but could not post to Facebook”. Any idea as to why this is happening and what i can do to fix the problem? I got pretty addicted to posting those screenshots and i want thrown option to do so back! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

    • Check out your Facebook settings and that the LR app is allowed to share content on your wall. If that’s not the problem, try to turn the outerworld services off and on and see if that helps. If even that doesn’t help, turn Facebook sharing off, delete the app from your Facebook, and reconnect the game and your Facebook user again. I can’t promise this will work but hit me up if once you have tried! :)

      There has also been maintenance time to time on the services, so that may have caused problems as well. :)

  5. I only connected my ps3 with facebook. I got “information submitted” when I submitted the zaltys score but I can’t find it on my facebook page.

    Is that enough to unlock the utsusemi and siegfried? Or will I have to submit screenshots as well?

    • It’s enough that you share the score to the Outerworld. This means you don’t have to post it to Facebook wall or Twitter. Anyway, you can always re-download the demo and unlock the outfit later on if problems appear. :)

  6. I followed all of these directions, but I did not receive a code for the outfit. I even shared my battlescores and took a few screenshots. Why haven’t I been able to receive a code?

    • You won’t receive a activation code, the outfit will be made available in the full game at the Rewards Barter Shop on the main menu of the full game. Be sure to keep the downloaded demo on your system until you buy and play the full game to make sure you get the outfit.

      • Thanks for the reply. I was actually referring to the activation code. Turns out it was a whole lot easier to activate using my Twitter account, rather than my Facebook. Thankfully, I got it to work and can now screenshot Lightning at my heart’s desire. Lol

  7. So, I don’t particularly use Facebook or Twitter, so I didn’t activate either of those. But I went through all the other steps (Enable network connection, ignore ToS and agree to it, snapshot and “share” my battle score). Do I still get the costume, or do I need to dredge up my FB login info and try again?

    • It is for facebook too, but if you linked you account to share your trophies then it is set automatically. The confirmation is just for twitter. But I don’t know if it has to be done in both, facebook and twitter

  8. Hey Johnny is the LR demo still only available to gold members? I was looking for it last night and I couldn’t find it, all I saw was a game that didn’t have a price and a trailer for LR (and yes I do live in the US). Just wondering. ^-^

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