Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The First Lightning Returns Online Challenge Launched! Let’s Unlock a New Garb Together!

Lightning Returns Team has launched its first Outerworld challenge! There will be four challenges coming in upcoming weeks, each lasting two weeks. In these next two weeks our mission is to share 100 000 Outerworld posts in total and we will unlock the Helter Skelter Garb for everyone! Now it’s good time to finally turn on the Outerworld services and start sharing screenshots/messages!

The official message:

Outerworld Challenge #1 update, 20:00GMT LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is out now!

For those already playing, have you used outerworld yet? Outerworld lets players post screenshots to Facebook, and Twitter from within the game. Posts that you make can be “called in” by your friends on Facebook, to be sure to appear in their game. This is handy to ensure sharing of any items you may be looking for! That’s not all – there are four Outerworld challenges to complete (each lasting two weeks) which will unlock unique garbs for Lightning. Challenge #1 starts now: make a total of 100,000 Outerworld posts and we’ll unlock the Helter Skelter Garb for everyone!

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