Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Never-Before-Seen Lightning Concept Artwork by Isamu Kamikokuryou

Kuvankaappaus 2013-2-17 kello 17.51.38
The Art Director of Final Fantasy XIII series, Isamu Kamikokuryou, was married this week and he decided to have an auction. There he showed and sold a never-before-seen Lightning concept artwork for 15000 yen! (160$/150€)  In this artwork you can see Lightning’s look from the first game which made us wonder will she get her old clothes back in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Would you like to see Lightning getting her old clothes back in LR:FFXIII for example as an extra for loyal fans or as post-game content?


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  1. yessss pleaseeee Serious brilliant to see the face of lightning on having seen his suit and him remembers everything bad and good and for that reason continues fighting

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