Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Listen to a Brand New Song “Midnight Mix” from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST Plus

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus will be released on 26th March, 2014 and new samples are being shared on the official website but also by the composers themselves. Naoshi Mizuta has updated his personal Square Enix Music blog and decided to share a new song, simply called “Midnight Mix“.

Around the world of Nova Chrysalia, you can find bards singing and playing music. “Midnight Mix” is a remix of one of the bard songs. Naoshi Mizuta states on his blog that it’s great to finally share a complete experience of the soundtrack with the fans.

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  1. I know it’s some what off the subject, but are you guys going to give us tips on staggering enemies in LR. I’m playing the demo, and although I stagger the enemy, it just doesn’t seem to add up how I’m doing it. It’s not like I can combined attacks to stagger it (well at least not like XIII and XIII-2’s way). Thanks for your time ^-^

          • Yeah I saw that too. That guys got some crazy skill, my best time now is 1:34. And did you notice zaltys noise that he makes when he is staggered, it sounds like Animas cry when he’s unleashing his ultimate attack (sorry forgot the name of the attack). Kinda like an Easter egg (i.e. They did the same thing with Kefka’s laugh, using his laugh for that punkin at the Golden Saucer FFVII). Well zaltys cry sounded like Anima I could be wrong. ^-^

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