Final Fantasy

Confirmed: Final Fantasy X-3 IS NOT in the Works

Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that Final Fantasy X-3 is not in the works.

This was revealed in Famitsu’s latest issue where Yoshinori Kitase commented the future of the FINAL FANTASY X series in “The Truth about Video Game Industry Rumors 2014” article. By commenting to the special article, he wanted to make it absolutely clear that the rumors, which have been wild in the Japanese game media, are false.

The first rumors about the possible sequel began with Final Fantasy X-2.5 book release and the audio drama (included in the HD Remaster) where new looks for Tidus and Yuna were shown. However, they just seemed to be anniversary fanservice.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is out now worldwide!


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  1. Yeah i figured that lol
    They made the Audio to give us a little something about what happened after X-2 and from there for us to use our imagination to wonder the rest of the story
    What i want though (if they ever do another game within the X universe) – is a prequel – set 1000yrs + in the past – a bit before Sin was created – we’ll get to explore the past Spira – all those cities – learn more about them, places that no longer exist after Sin destroyed them, learn more about the War between Bevelle and Zanarkand, the advanced technology…..theres so much that they could expand upon with its history – the game could end with Sin having been born (the main characters failing in preventing this) – in todays graphics – this would look beautiful! :)

  2. Hmm kinda glad it’s not happening. It seems like ffx is just one big emotional rollercoaster. Don’t get me wrong I loved ffx, but this stories going back to down right depressing and even worse. They messed with this story a little to much. A x-3 would be cool in this gens graphics but I think this story would be off. (of course this is all my opinion^-^)

    • It isn’t actually. There hasn’t been any official comments/statements about these rumors before this.

  3. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. I hoped that they would continue the story, but I also hoped that they wouldn’t continue it from that weird book and that laughable audio drama. The voice work is alright, but the content is just silly. And I found Chuami a real unlikable character without any real game-length development. Still, it gives an impression of coming full circle: from despair to hope and back to despair again, for the worse.

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