This Is How Bravely Default Co-Developers’ New Rendering Engine Looks Like | Trailer

Silicon Studio has published a new video showing off their brand new rending engine and how capable it is. The studio is also known as the co-developer of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. As long as they’re an independent studio, it will remain a question will Square Enix use their new engine or its innovations in the future releases. However, it’s quite a save bet to say we may not see graphics like this from PlayStation 4 or Xbox One titles. Check out the screenshots and trailer below for some rendering goodness!

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  1. Whoooooaaa!!
    That level of detail – on par with todays film graphics!
    Would be sick if SE had the opportunity to use it :D

  2. Looks so amazing! This studio has worked on Luminous engine as well and I think/hope Square Enix may borrow some nice tech from this engine as well, in order to make the best possible engine. I’m really curious to see if we actually see some Luminous engine gorgeousness in new-gen but I’m actually quite skeptic about it. Perhaps with PS5?

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