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Voting: Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII?

Today, March 16th, it comes over 8 years since Final Fantasy XII was first released in Japan in 2006. The developers of Square Enix have earlier stated that they would consider making Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster if there is demand from the fans.

That’s why we are now asking from you, our fellow readers:  Would You Like to See a HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII? Post thoughts on the comments section and vote in this poll below!

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  1. I do hope it and if they really did please Square Enix make it available for PC too, also for the future Final Fantasy franchise too.
    I’m really happy when they decided to bring Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to PC, because Final Fantasy XIII is the one that brought me to Final Fantasy universe and be a fan of Final Fantasy.
    But up until know, PC users always get the re-released version of Final Fantasy single player. And yeah I know Final Fantasy XI and XIV are out for both PC and PS3. But it’s MMO not single player.
    Back to the topic, I’ll fully support them if Square Enix decided to remake the past Final Fantasy. And if Square Enix decided to release them for PC too, I’ll be very happy :)

    But this is my opinion :)

  2. This would definately be a version I would purchase again. I miss the game so much because the latest PS3’s don’t play PS2 games anymore and my old PS3 suffers from YLOD regularly.

    The open world, the diversity, the ever changing plot ( like wit FFVII ) and the great battle system made this a real favourite of mine. For me this is number 2 on story and fun. And we all have a hidden crush on Ashe ;-)

    • Speak for yourself! Fran is my crush… she’s actually my favorite character in the series, closely followed by Balthier. But Ashe is cool, too :D

      Anyway, of course I want FF12 HD! Final Fantasy XII is my favorite PS2 game and favorite Final Fantasy. I love developing characters through license boards, battles/gambits are so much fun, the orchestral-style score is beautiful, and the story is intriguing. I adore the characters in this game, especially members of the Empire, like Larsa, Drace, Vayne, Gabranth, and Cid. The overall world politics story is fascinating to me. Moments like Drace’s execution are some of my favorites.

      It really should be the IZJS, which it most likely would be. Square’s other HD remasters have been the “international” versions. I’ve tried playing the English patched IZJS burned to a disc, but my poor laser can’t handle it. When enemies can keep attacking while the cure animation takes 10 seconds to load, the game is almost unplayable, and sometimes certain scenes/areas refuse to load, so I have to change to the Japanese disc (I do own the game), which I can’t read the text in. However, what I played of it was awesome! More chests with good loot have 100% spawn rates, damage cap is now much higher, job classes are always fun, and the fast forward feature is probably the best thing that could be added to FF12.

  3. Make it international zodiac version, with new map to explore. (Rozzaria territory, please) This best FF for me, I love hunting side quest and explore every map in this game. And I already bought FFX/X2 to support this, even if I disliked FFX series: love stories & barbie dressing suck. I was glad they killed a lover in FFXII opening.

  4. The game is great because of the story. I have never been sucked into a game quite like FFXII. I have been playing it and replaying it non-stop since it’s release in 2006 and I simply can’t put it down! I can actually remember key moments of my life when playing this game with friends and family over the years. It never ceases to amaze me how truly compelling this great story can be .

  5. I forgot to add: Square would have a far easier job, remastering FFXII than it was with X! The character models of FFXII are exceptionally good, even at todays standard. Just increasing the resolution and softening a few edges should do the trick! And as far as the soundtrack is concerned, I think there is nothing in need of change or improvement at all!

    • While I’d rather they do more work than that, I’d have to agree that they can afford to be that minimal. And if doing that little work means a remaster, then I am for it!

  6. I would love to see a remaster of FF12, although it would need to be the improved Zodiac version. I think it would be especially interesting for the numerous Final-Fantasy-Fans outside Japan, who never experienced the improved Job-System of the Zodiac-release. Then not only nostalgia would drive the fans to buy the remaster, but the prospect of experiencing something new as well! Please consider it well, Square!

  7. I just wanted to say how much I loved reading all your comments! No trolls, no useless fighting and respectful talk. Such an amazing community and people! :)

    I would love to have a HD remaster since I never got a chance to play this FF because I never owned PS2 or early PS3 models. For now, this is literally only FF game I can’t play. I think that’s one of the major arguments why they should make a PS3 remaster, at least when it comes to me. And if it won’t affect to upcoming new titles, it would be just a huge plus.

    • Sorry you missed out on FFXII. It’s a fantastic gem and is definitely not one to be missed! It’s very different than every other FF game but it brought a lot of new things to the series. I really hope they make FFXII HD so I can re-experience the game in HD and so others can play it for their first time, like you.

  8. My god yes!! I love Final Fantasy XII to death! It took me longer than all other FF’s to get into it but once I did I absolutely loved it! It’s now one of my favorite FF’s of all time, and one of my favorite video games of all time as well! I would LOVE to see a Final Fantasy XII HD! I am so pumped that Final Fantasy X & X-2 are out in HD finally, because FFX was one of my favorite FF’s as well but FFXII is at the top along with FFIX! PLEASE make FFXII HD!!!

  9. FFXII is the greatest thing that ever happened to Final Fantasy. YES! Remaster this game in HD. Make it available on PS3! It is my absolute favorite game of ALL games.

  10. I respect FFXII because it did something different, but it just didn’t grab me. It’s not very replayable to me.

    • I understand how you feel. I did not like FFXII at first either. But I replayed it and the second time I played it I understood it better and somehow ended up loving it. Have you finished it all the way through? Maybe give it another shot if you haven’t.

      • Yeah, I finished the game a while ago and tried to replay it once. it just wasn’t my game. I couldn’t connect well to the main characters. I heard a rumor that the game was originally going to be from the perspective of Basch but that they changed their minds and made Vann the lead. I feel like the games would have been way better if Basch was the lead.

        That’s just my take, though. I don’t hate the game. While it didn’t come close to the level of enjoyment I got from the first ten Final Fantasy games, I still enjoyed playing it. I didn’t enjoy it enough to bother spending money on a remake, though.

  11. @Miranda if you had a 60GB PS3 you got backwards compatibility – so you could play almost all PS1 & PS2 games.
    Final Fantasy X2 Remaster would only work if you had a VITA version also.. Cross Play & Cross Save.
    I would much rather see Parasite Eve or Saga Frontier’s remade in HD.

  12. I wouldn’t like to see an HD remaster of FFXII, really. If there is one, though, good for all who want it.

    My vote is probably biased because FFXII just didn’t appeal to me when I played it. Politics bore me, and XII had plenty of politics coupled with middle-age English accents and metaphors, making for unnecessarily complex speeches. It was more about politics than fighting fate and saving the world.

    I believe the reason FFX got a remaster was because of its 10th anniversary a while back. But more than that, X is one of the most memorable FFs out there: it is the first FF for Playstation 2, the first FF with audio speech, and had such a diverse world. It featured 4 different major races, religion, and even it’s own custom language! The story alone is epic, too.

    I see all that FFX deserves a remaster for and I ask myself: what does FFXII deserve?

    • While I respect your opinion, I disagree. FFXII was indeed different from every other FF, in pretty much every way but that’s how it was meant to be. It wasn’t meant to be character driven and world-saving. It was more about politics, you’re right, but it was the story of a nation and how it broke free of the empire’s control. The story is very Star Wars-esque which something I’m a little ambivalent on but otherwise I feel FFXII is a masterpiece. Though I admit it’s very divisive and understand why a lot of people won’t like it.

  13. omg omg,, i had been playing this game on my ps2 to kill time, for when lightning returns woulde come out,,
    that sucks ahahahaha,
    YES i would love a remaster,,i hope they make a collector’guide to,, cause i missed out on those =(
    this was such an awsome game,, that gambit sytem rocked !!
    not to mention the world itself was your batte field,,
    i loved that idea,
    and the story was so amazing,,

    that said,,,, i was disapointed in final fantasy xiii lightning returns ending though =( the first sequel had the best ending!

    p.s can the final fantasy vii just let it go, i mean come on,, it such a waist ,, cause of this hype about ff vii ( wich had one of the best stories)
    those fan can’t appreciate other ff titles

    square enix made it clear,, there won’t be a making,, they would consider it,if there would be a ff title that tops it big time,.
    so start loving another FF title, and the remake would perhaps come = )
    no offense to those fans !!

      • As far as guides go, I agree. FFXIII, XIII-2, and LR’s collector’s guides were awesome and made by Piggyback. These were some of the best guides I’ve ever seen to be honest. I hope Square Enix goes back to them in the future.

    • You have to notice HD Remaster and a total remake are two completely different things. With HD remasters you just upgrade resolutions and character renders etc. but with a remake you need to create stuff out of nowhere. It’s way more demanding and time taking.

      • Not to mention all the money Square would have to poor into it and then risk the chance of losing a majority of that money if it doesn’t sell well. It’s all about making a profit folks. Remasters take less time and less money. Think about it. If you were a gaming company which would you do? A remaster or a remake? Potential profit gain or potential profit loss?

        • Not to mention how much nostalgia has been impacted those titles… It would be a suicide – overcoming fans’ expectations is way too much with these titles. Some fans were already saying FFX HD ruined some points of the game and there wasn’t even any major changes, just think about FF7 remake… Ridiculous expectations nobody could overcome.

  14. Well to be honest I never liked XII that much. That’s entirely subjectively though! For me XII had an excellent script, a not at all intriguing story, a vast astonishing open world, Balthier who was the shining star of the cast while the rest were just “meh” especially Vaan who just wasn’t a leader at all, a weird battle system, and a forgettable OST.
    I wouldn’t mind trying it out again in HD. If that delays though the release of new titles, then I think I’ll pass..

    • I think Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster would be like FFX/X-2 HD Remaster = Outsourced like Ludo mentioned in the second comment. I would like to experience this game since there is no support for PS2 games on PS3s. PS1 Final Fantasy games can be played on PSP and PS3 but not this one.

      • Actually….if you get a 20, 60, or one of the 80 GB models of ps3, then you can play ps2 games. I have the 60GB model and can play ps1 and ps2 games.

        • Only the 60GB version of PS3 had backwards compatibility.
          I need to get mine repaired as it has YLOD and has a 2TB inside – need the space for all the PS+ freebies each month! :-)

          • The 20GB and 60GB had full backwards compatibility. One of the 80GB models had backwards compatibility with ps2 games. I researched it before I chose to get my 60GB model. I checked with GameStop and Playstation to verify backwards compatibility since I just got my PS3 4 years ago.

            Here is the link that states which ps3 system is backwards compatible and where you can check if the game will play:

            80GB backwards compatible model is CECHE01. All 20GB and 60GB models were backwards compatible.

  15. I would very much like to see a XII remaster. It’s the only other FF Game I liked besides VI and the XIII saga. The others are okay, but they never did pull me in like these ones. I hope it does get remastered because it’s a great game with a great story and characters and gameplay.

    • I personally don’t like to call any FFs “the worst/best game” since they all have good and bad sides everyone likes and hates. Not to mention, every FF game is way more better than any average game release in this industry. At least that’s my opinion! :)

      • I hope FF have more true fan like you. Yes, each FF game have both good and bad, nothing is perfect.
        I’m not hate FFXII but still vote No, because I want their new adventures in new game, not those re-make or re-master.

      • But it IS Final Fantasy. Just because the battles aren’t random and your party isn’t standing still and in a neat line when they attack doesn’t mean anything.

  16. I wonder why would people vote “no” :( FFXII was such a great game, it deserves a glorious HD remaster. If people fear it would delay other games, it’s not a problem if it’s outsourced like FFX HD. Won’t affect FFXV or others.

  17. A remaster would be really cool – plus it should be the Zodiac version! – but at the same time im thinking about all the things id have to do again, like finding all the rare monsters, all those side quests, hunts, item collecting…oh god haha – much like FFX and X-2 itll be fun to go through it again

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