Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Voted as The Best Character of 2013 at Dengeki PlayStation Awards

Lightning has been voted as the best character of 2013 at Dengeki PlayStation Awards! This was revealed on Lightning Room’s tweet where Motomu Toriyama and Yuji Abe are posing with the award and thanking all the fans who showed their support by voting Lightning!

Congrats from Square Portal as well!


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  1. This is good to hear. I don’t think there have been many memorable new characters this generation (PS3, Wii/Wii-U, Xbox 360) especially in the west.
    With a few exceptions, most characters have just been the now typical grunt/marine. So Lightning was a like a breath of fresh air IMO.

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  3. i don’t get the hate on lighting,
    why cause she’s a woman?
    the pink hair?
    just look at the character herself,,, that’s been done realy good,
    they put a lot of thought and effort into it right?

    of course there are other great characters in the final fantasy history,
    but just let everyone have his or her own opinion

    • Quite frankly I believe it’s not that they hate the character itself, it’s more them looking for a scapegoat, and considering Lightning is the figurehead or rather the very embodiment of the game’s storyline, they found that scapegoat right there. Despite it being a good game, Final Fantasy XIII got some really rough critiques – and rightly so. Even though I really like the game, I have to admit that it had its weaker points. But not everyone is laid back enough and objectively thinking to the point that they can enjoy something even if it doesn’t satisfy them 100%.
      I guess I’m starting to ramble though and I should shut up…

  4. if i liked lightning before, now after lightning returns i like her more. the change in her character left me shocked.
    and she really likes steak and i approve that.

  5. Lightning by far will always be my favorite character. Even though people are always trying to say she’s a female cloud, she’s always been different from all female charterers, and also the first female I’ve ever wanted on my usually all male team in a FF game XD. Congrats to SE for their reward. ^-^

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