Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST Plus Tracklist and New Samples Revealed

The official website of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus was updated during the weekend with the full Japanese tracklist and ten new samples including a few main character themes. You can read our translation for the songs below and listen to the new samples as well.

lostThe official English tracklist should be available soon since Square Enix Europe and North America are going to open pre-orders for the album during April. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Plus is set to be out in Japan on 26th March.

  1. Lightning Returns – Special Trailer Ver. –
  2. High Voltage – Game Ver. –
  3. The Captive Saint
  4. Sazh and Dajh – Complete Mix –
  5. Death Game – Synthesizer Ver. –
  6. Desert Lullaby – Instrumental –
  7. Snow’s Theme – Final Words – – Complete Mix –
  8. The Doomed Soul – Caius and Yeul –
  9. The World Is Ending Soon
  10. The Dead Dunes – Live Edit Ver. –
  11. The Ark – Soundtrack Exclusive Ver. –
  12. Serah’s Theme – Piano Ver. –
  13. Soul Seeds
  14. Lightning Returns – Aggressive Mix –
  15. Succession of Demons
  16. FINAL FANTASY – Yusnaan Ver. –
  17. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes Japanese Ver. –
  18. Clash on the Big Bridge – Yusnaan Ver. –
  19. Terra’s Theme  ~Biggs & Wedge Ver.~
  20. A Place to Call Home
  21. Traveler’s Ballad
  22. Eternal Wind – Dead Dunes English Ver. –
  23. The Savior’s Words – Japanese Ver. –
  24. The Savior’s Words ~Christmas in Nova Chrysalia~
  25. Inn

Thank you Honey J for the help on translating the tracklist!

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  1. This is a great sountrack, I really like The Doomed Soul ~Caius and Yeul~, and Snow’s Theme – Final Words ~Complete Mix~. :-D

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