Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Japan Expo Demo [Live]


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  1. v3ronica7 ^
    Yeah i always like to figure things out for myself aswell – the only things i need a little help on is the item list (i like to have everything in the entire game so i dont want to miss anything) – and to keep out for any secrets and side quests that i might end up missing – this though tends to be when ive gotten to the end of the game – everything before that is all me – but its nice to have the guidebook – to flick through and to act as some memorabilia :p
    Yeah same! – i know i’ll miss out on so much if i dont have the guide with me – just need it by my side to keep me on track lol

    • I do the same I play the game with no help and beat it, but there was some side quests and treasures I wouldn’t ever have found if it weren’t for the book. For example that annoying side quest were you had make a good bestiary data log thing, took me three days until I broke down and looked where I needed to go next. Then after I beat it all I drew that picture of Hope that u see at the page that’s introducing the strategy chapter.

      • Yeah i needed a little help on completing the bestiary – but only for the rare ones – that took quite a while – haha nice :)

  2. Loving the customization!! – and colour change! :o
    Looks so fluent, quick and fun to play!
    The more thats getting revealed the more pumped i am to play this game! :D

  3. This looks like it’s going to be one seriously amazing game! There’s going to be so much to do and so many places to see! I think I’m gonna need the guide for this one! ;)

    • Haha im getting the guide too xD (although i was going to since i got the hardback guides for 13 and 13-2 lol) – but i think itll serve ALOT of help in this game! – definitely dont want to miss out on things – and gonna need to plan out each day xD

      • Yah a guide is exactly what I need to just looks at all the trailers you can tell it’s a big game. My bro got me the guide for 13-2 and at first I was like I don’t need this I can do this on my own (because I always gotta figure things out for myself), glad I got it though couldn’t have got 100% completion without it. I’m definently getting the guide to this, don’t think I’ll see all the story if I don’t. =)

  4. Just saw it. Great graphics looks fun. Even when they talk to each other there movements are different and they move fluidly. Looks like there will be a lot of surprises in the game. Though Fangs clothing is the same. Hope was lucky enough to get his handkerchief changed. I think it would be funny if Vanille just busted out with some designer outfit while everyone else still had the same threads. O well the game graphics are really looking good. Thx for the info made my day.

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