Square Enix Opens FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Website!

Square Enix has finally opened their FF25th Anniversary Website! This new site provides information about all main Final Fantasy titles, community things and much more. Moogle has written an letter and states that more people want to talk with us!

“Hello, kupo!

I’m so happy that you’re here to check out our site! We’ve heard from so many people that it’s going to be great, kupoppo!

I want to help you get used to how everything works, kupo!

I will give you secret hints about all the extra cool stuff you can learn about. It’s no skin off my nose, its my job to be helpful, kupo!

Oh by the way, more people want to talk to you, kupo! I’ll deliver the letters they write so you can learn more, kupohoho!

Check Mognet now and then to see what people have written, kupo!

Sender: Mog”

Message from Robert Allen Peeler, Community Manager, @SQEX_MEMBERS_NA

“Today we are proud to launch the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Website.


Celebrating 25 years of over 40 different titles across over a dozen platforms and selling more than 100 million units, this new website hopes to do a little of what the famed series has done for so many fans worldwide; tell stories.

FINAL FANTASY had once defined a company, spawned generations of gaming for many, and continues to expand and innovate through its beautiful storytelling, compelling gameplay, and unforgettable music. Through a series of articles through Square Enix Members, and the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Website, we’d like to tell the story of the series start, its journey to today, and look at the future of the series.

We encourage fans of the series, new players, and adventurers of every age to tell us more their own memories of the series through the comments below and on our official forums. There is much more to see and do in our celebration of 25 years of FINAL FANTASY, so be sure to look for this article category: FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary and as always thank you for playing!”

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  1. This site is…disasterrific: causes more confusion than it should; and name’s FINAL FANTASY VII’s world “Gaia”. :S

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