Next Final Fantasy XIII Project Title To be Announced at September FF25th Anniversary Event

New project has just started, says producer.

The latest issue of Famitsu is providing a few additional bits about Square Enix’s upcoming “Lightning Saga” announcement. This week, FFXIII and XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase once again told that at the upcoming FF25th anniversary event, Square Enix will make an announcement regarding “Lightning Saga”, the next development in Final Fantasy XIII project.

Anyway, Kitase added a couple of additional bits in his Famitsu commentary. “The new project has just recently started”, says Kitase. “We’ll get the project’s official title at the anniversary event.”

The anniversary event will be held in Shibuya from August 31 through September 2. The big announcements will come during a stage event on September 1.



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  1. Another title in Kitase’s infamous “I want to create an interactive movie, not a game”-franchise?

    I wonder if Versus will EVER see the light of day. Or the English version of Type-0.

    • So basically your comment is “I don’t like XIII so it’s story doesn’t deserve to be finished.” Thanks for playing.

      • Now that is a bit rude. I am just confused as to why SE wants to drag a title on with mediocre sales (XIII-2, not XIII). I did in fact enjoy XIII, but recognized that it wasn’t anywhere near what a FF should be. A game that intentionally focuses on linearity, with no exploration, towns or such just doesn’t seem like a FF to me. XIII-2, however, seemed very off to me. It seemed more like a ploy to reap profits and using old textures and models for another game. The story was purposely twisted, as to profit off from DLC’s and an eventual finish. That is of course my opinion, and I can give it without a snappy remark. ;)

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