Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Brand New Lightning Returns Screenshots And Artwork


The new screenshots are introducing the city of Yusnaan, huge monsters and other adventures of Lightning. As reported yesterday, Snow will be returning in the third part of Final Fantasy XIII-series. The graphics have seen huge upgrades as well! Remember watch the incredible E3 trailer as well!

10777F_fix 10787SUS 10778HUS 10788V_fix 10780J_fix 10789W_fix 10782M_fix 10790X_fix 10784O_fix 10775D_fix 10776E_fix light_keyart snowkeyart 10779IUS 10785QUS 10783N_fix 10781K_fix lr_ffxiii_0606_01 10791Y_fix

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  1. From what i remember reading.. yes monsters are back on the field. However it wasn’t explained as of to how they spawn or roam in an area… especially since the time of day effects when and what you see… possible stealth will be needed to dodge battles during the day..while you run like hell at night o.o?

  2. Damn – were getting alot of LR news today arent we? :D
    So now we know at least one of the side quests – collecting fireworks xD
    Like all the lights and the festivities – and the monsters are looking badass!
    The places look stunning! – and yep – theres defos an improvement graphically – wasnt expecting that but good all the same :)
    So from looking at those Flanborgs (yes i can remember its name lol) – the monsters are roaming about? – or appear out of nowhere like in 13-2 and chase you down? – one of the 2
    Wow – Snow looks great! – his weapon is pretty beastly :p
    Omg – i cant wait :D

    • The monsters on those steps are called flaninators (like janitors) from what I remember, they do look like they chase u in the battle field. One more thing if snow dose call lightning sis she probably will kill him XD, jk I think lightning is over that phrase.

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