Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns Japanese and American Covers

914B2-issxL PS3

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  1. The Jap cover look sexy and stylish, as for the NA cover the blurring of Doom-day clock behind Lightning look kind of weird, they can improve by adding a few of FFXIII & FFXIII characters that appear in Lightning Returns: FFXIII but don’t spoilt by adding too much detail. Surprise the gamers.

  2. Whoa….nice! – The Japanese version looks very colourful, bright and appealing! – love the shade of blue – and i agree with ^Stealth – looks very beautiful :)
    I think we in the UK/Europe will have the same as the US version – its the same as the one for the first game FF13 where Lightning was on the front – i know they did the same for 13-2 but i never got that one (not sure if that ever came over?) – mine has the traditional logo for the game on the front – saying that they might do the same for LR – just have the logo against a white background (considering the design of the logo they have – the cover would look kinda bland so im gonna be routing for the US version to come over here :D )

  3. The Japanese cover looks so beautiful! I love the crystal shards, and I’m curious to know what those symbols mean behind her. The atmosphere connotates the fact that she is on a mission from the gods. She is the vessel through which they work. (plus it just looks really pretty…)

    The American cover, however, reminds me of Assassin’s Creed. With Lightning being the only constant in the picture (everything else being blurred like everything’s fading or speeding up), we’re reminded that she is the only one suited for this daunting task. Interesting that, based on ths shot, we only see the red and black she wears, and not the white.

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