Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

English Lightning Returns Gamescom Screenshots & Heart Stealer Outfit

Square Enix has released a huge bunch of new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII screenshots and also revealed a new outfit, “Heart Stealer.”  You can also get a better view to Wildlands, Lightning’s ultimate attack “Army of One” and Moogles’ village!

The brand new ” The Savior’s Choice” trailer introduces new cutscenes and areas from the screenshots. There is also a little surprise for Fang fans! Remember to check out the extended trailer of Cloud outfit! 

S_1377016325 S2_1377016325 T_1377016325 T2_1377016325 U_1377016325 V_1377016326 A_1377016322 B_1377016322 C_1377016323 D_1377016323 E-EN_1377016323 F-EN_1377016323 G-EN_1377016323 H-EN_1377016323 I-EN_1377016323 J-EN_1377016324 M-EN_1377016324 N-EN_1377016324 O-EN_1377016324 P-EN_1377016324 garb_heartstealer_1377016258

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  1. Yah fat mog is back, he looks kinda funny with that crown =). Looks like we get to feed chocobos (it looks a little wired though, is it like Lightning is the only one who can feed it XD). Everything looks so interesting really really can’t wait to play. =)

  2. Man, this game is going to be amazing! However, I think I’m gonna bow out now concerning this paritcular FF game. Although I’ve loved getting the updates and learning more about LR, I regret viewing all of the spoilers that abounded in their trailers and the like. Regardless, I can’t wait for this game; and thanks, Square Portal, for delivering some of the best intel on the net! There have been days when your updates have really lifted my spirits. All in all, it’s been refreshing to chat with people who are also excited for LR, but who also do it in a professional/mature manner.

    It’s been fun, guys! Til next time! ;)

    • Yah me to I don’t like to many spoilers so I’m wanting to get off to but I just want the article that tells me about the special edition US pre order (though it’s hard to ignore an up date that pops up in my phones email >·<)

    • Yeah same – i gotta stop at some point – dont want to get too spoiled :p
      But my memory can be pretty bad – most of the stuff i read/watch – a week or so later ive forgotten all/most of it haha – my mind wonders xD
      Its been cool chatting with you! – till next time indeed :D

  3. The angel of Valhalla O.o – thats the name of the chocobo?
    Nice to get the translated screens – after reading them i want more – or better yet to play this game now xD – February cant come quick enough!

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