Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Acquire The Helter Skelter Garb In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII For Free, Unlock Another Garb In The Next Outerworld Challenge

Congratulations everyone! We’ve unlocked the Helter Skelter garb for free (which is very expensive in-game) through achieving the goal of making enough Outerworld posts for the first challenge. See it in action below (via Square Enix Europe):


To acquire it in the game, make sure that you turn on your Outerworld Services in the settings and keep an eye out for the NPC named @LRFF13. Read their message and unlock the garb in the Rewards Barter Shop in the main menu.


The next Outerworld challenge has now officially begun as well! We will have to reach a total of 250 000 Outerworld posts by March 7 to unlock the garb Duelist. 

d36ecc7b163d18893937b90f7694ab53The Duelist outfit is a defensive garb that greatly increases the wearer’s maximum HP. Come on, let’s keep our Outerworld posts coming to acquire this garb!

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  1. Also I had 4 main quests done and on day 6 … went to yusan for a subquest and there on steps at train station was a girl waving hand with a blue ff13 above her head with helter skelter! I didn’t buy potion it still downloaded. After all that .. I equipped it. Good luck Louise!

  2. First go to privacy, you will see privacy & online settings. Click on change settings/customize/set everything to everyone and allow. Save and exit. Make sure your router is not blocking incoming services by ur control panel for that router. (I made a mistake above…sorry) Anyway now go to ur game and change the settings in main screen before you load your game save and set to Enable, scroll down click on “I agree” and I clicked on show spoilers. I did not enable facebook or twitter. Now load ur game save and double check in the settings again to make sure nothing changed. do this from main menu everytime you play cause it resets. You should now be seeing blue npc’s after awhile.

  3. UPDATE: I went into my network setting on the xbox 360 and changed those to allow. This is different than the privacy settings on allow. FINALLY! Today I saw one fellow Npc gamer with elixir! (awwwe .. couldn’t buy .. ) But I am posting this for others that are having trouble seeing Blue NPC’s in game. After playing 30 some hours I saw one .. now I know its working maybe it won’t be to long to get helter skelter!

    • Could you be more specific? I’m looking at my network settings but all I’m seeing is the option to test the connection and configure the network (and there all I have is the option to change my settings from auto to manual). I can’t see any settings I can change to allow.

  4. @ Johnny .. Thank you for responding! I did check xbox settings are all on allow. I set enable n show all in main settings before I load game and check it in game to make sure. I am seeing no Blue NPC’s at ALL still. I feel like Microsoft is blocking us from outerworld. Only explaination unless its my router? How can I check that? I guess im not getting any rewards… I would love to play the game seeing others n sharing as it was meant to be played.

  5. I have not seen ANY outerworld npc’s. I have settings enabled. I am on the 360 and day 4 of game. I have been to all major places looking. What am I doing wrong?? I have posted and sent stuff ok.

    • Some people have had a privacy setting on their X360s that has blocked Outerworld Services system. Have you viewed your console settings and seen if everything is alright there?

      Another reason behind the problem may be that you have turned “hide spoilers on” which blocks all OS NPC messages which contain content you haven’t yet experience in Lightning Returns.

      Not to mention these NPCs are quite uncommon in the world. It will be a small challenge to find one with this message.

      • I’m having the same problem as Lucedog, I’ve checked my console settings and I can’t see anything that could be blocking it. As for in-game settings, I have outerworld services enabled, I have it set to ‘show all’ and I have both facebook and twitter linked. I’ve tried summoning from the facebook app, but that hasn’t worked either.

    • You perhaps spoke to the one who gives you Cactuar doll accessory. The one who you should talk to is one with “Outerworld Challenge” text. They are rather hard to find but worth the effort. Also check out the Rewards Barter Shop in the main menu. :)

  6. I was looking for that NPC yesterday but I could not find it! It would help if they would put that NPC on one specific place.

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