Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

LIGHTNING RETURNS Northern American Collector’s Edition Unboxing

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  1. I hope the Square Enix Store gives us a better service, because the last time I ordered a game from there, they sent me the wrong one. Never happened to me when buying in other places. And specially now that it seems that they’re going to sell all the special editions.

  2. Seriously need it in europe, why not ? It’s ridiculous, we are in 2014, poeple are gonna import it. Square Enix Shop Exclusive ? Please come on, there are a lot of reseller on eBay and other store.

    • It’s pretty sad that they decided to take this direction. Not to mention is exclusive selling the special edition controller as well. I wonder if there wasn’t enough demand for the collector’s edition in the end. There are still copies left of FFXIII and XIII-2 CEs since they overprinted it. At least it seems so.

      Hopefully they have planned us (Europeans) something special.

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