Final Fantasy XV for PC Arrives in Early 2018 with Mod Support & More!


Mods will be breathing new life into Final Fantasy XV in Early 2018

Final Fantasy XV will be arriving for PC in Early 2018!

The Windows Edition utilizes technology from Nvidia and features more advanced PC settings such as higher resolution, better fps, more realistic physics and more. It will be an experience that possible turns your graphic cards, processors and fans on fire under extreme workload while rendering “the ultimate Final Fantasy XV” experience your display.

Final Fantasy XV also supports up to 8K resolution, with HDR10 and DOLBY ATMOS. All past DLC and future updates will be included for free, alongside a first-person mode. Square Enix has also confirmed that they will be officially supporting mods for the game. This means you can finally experience the game with all character turned into the ever glorious savior, fashion icon, dancer, soldier, singer, role model – Lightning!

Take a look at Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition running in 4k!