Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Now Available in NA and on Friday in EU!

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is out for 3DS in North America and on Friday in Europe. The rhythm-based music game includes over 70 musical scores spanning 25 years of Final Fantasy franchise.

There will also be available the first batch of add-on tracks. Each song costs $0.99.

  • “Battle Theme 1” (Final Fantasy II)
  • “The Final Battle” (Final Fantasy IV)
  • “In Search of Light” (Final Fantasy V)
  • “Cosmo Canyon” (Final Fantasy VII)
  • “Ride On” (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • “A Fleeting Dream” (Final Fantasy X)
  • “Fighters of the Crystal” (Final Fantasy XI)
  • “Fighting Fate” (Final Fantasy XIII)

What are you impressions by far? Is there any song you want to be included in game or be available as DLC? Some songs from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIV?

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