Final Fantasy

The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Noel

The Thirteenth Farewell project is doing awesomely, thanks to you! There are still 11 days left until the project hits its deadlines, so remember to send your letters before the end. If you don’t know what this project is about, please read more about it here – especially, if you liked the Final Fantasy XIII series and want to send your regards for the developers. 

Like with earlier character pages, this time we are asking: “What is the best thing about NOEL?” All participants are also part of the special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

Earlier Character Pages:

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  1. I adore how wise Noel is and selfless. Him and Serah made a great duo, and his passion for saving the world is great. I’m glad he overcame his doubts in LR, i felt bad that he was so guilty for all those years :(

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