Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Vanille

It has come time to launch another project related to The Thirteenth Farewell. This time we are collecting your thoughts on all Final Fantasy XIII main characters and why do you love them.

Today, we start with VANILLE. Simply post your thoughts on comments or fill the contact form, and tell us what is the best thing about her.

All participants are also part of our special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

We will also collect all your social media posts on her as well part of this project!

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  1. What I find so lovely about Vanille is the fact that she is struggling so much with her own emotions, especially in the original FFXIII, which makes her very human and natural. And although she may appear as a bubbly and shallow girl, she has actually been through a lot. This is why we should respect her!

  2. Quotes from social media replies:

    “@Mike_Nieto: “She’s very pretty and was my favorite Ravager/Saboteur in FFXIII.”

    @Kira_xox: “She truly sees the best in everyone and every situation! :)”

    @saber_breaker: “Her ability to keep going even in the face of despair. Also she’s an excellent narrator <3"

  3. I personally always loved Vanille because behind her all happy cover there’s a girl with a big burden on her shoulders. She is also ready to take responsibility of her actions to justify all the bad she did in the past. But in reality, she took it too much on herself and even in Lightning Returns she tried to fix everything even though it wasn’t her fault anymore. This made me realize how strong and sweet she truly is. Just a beautiful girl but quite misunderstood as well.

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