The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

LRFFXIII_PS3_PFT_PEGI_2D_1390481395Drawing by rydiamist.


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  1. Well problem is I get the free shipping with the added keyring. Not informing you that you won’t get it all until later is pretty bull…

      • Took a phone call to clear it up. They don’t send an order in parts if the pre-order dates are weeks apart, or even days. They wait to send it once the last pre-ordered product is available. That’s pretty rude, especially not informing customers properly of this. It doesn’t matter if it’s in terms or faqs or whatever, it should be stated when pre-ordering an item and other items, that it won’t all be sent until all items are available. I suppose now that I think about it, it makes sense, but still. Way to harm your customer’s dedication Square Enix. Still ordered it, just cancelled that order and made another one with two-day shipping. Hopefully I’ll get it before the weekend. Ended up costing me more than ordering with the keyring though, not cool. Oh well, good luck and enjoy Lightning Returns folks! I’ll be joining sooner or later.

        • I’m very sorry to hear about the problems you have faced. I’m also quite sad to hear about the flaws since I thought changing orders and fixing them is quite basic thing to handle for online stores. For example, see Amazon’s amazing customer service which is doing great job.

          I hope Square Enix focuses more on good customer service in the future. After all, good service = happy customers = more buyers. But if ordering products is this problematic, I think they have lots of place for an improvement there. :/

  2. If u ordered it off the SE site I would get my order fixed asap. A key chain isn’t as import as the game so it’ll be shipped on the 11th. I know barns and Nobels will ship all packages with the date that is the furthest out (they did that with my kh comic book instead of shipping the available books it was going to ship it with the the pre ordered one that comes out in march) I’d get that order fixed asap I’m already about to get my package from SE.

  3. Well I am starting to think my problem is I ordered it with the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII keyring… I wouldn’t think that’d make them wait to send Lightning Returns, but maybe. =x If that’s the case I don’t know what to do. Gonna try calling them if I get no billing confirmation today.

  4. Thanks. I’ve been following the site since XIII-2 and I gotta say great job. I myself haven’t received my billing for Lightning Returns yet, I got the order confirmation and my Cloud Strife code but no billing or order confirmation, so I’m going absolutely nuts. lol

    Good luck to everyone that ordered it!

    • I got my confirmation and can track it through the SE Web site. And yes I’m watching it inch little by little to the state I live in (the wait is agonizing XD). But the way it’s moving it probably won’t get here until Wednesday ( I hope XD). Good luck with your package.

    • And North America didn’t get a collector’s edition for Final Fantasy XIII. But perhaps the best thing would have been that everyone got something, especially since LR:FFXIII is the last part of the trilogy!

      Welcome to comment on the site! Looking forward to see your thoughts in the future as well! :)

  5. Sorry, no I wouldn’t be.
    The USA Collectors Edition would be a better choice!
    But I beloved SquareEnix does not love Europe anymore, so we lose out AGAIN!

  6. Awwww that’s nice, if I had a boyfriend I would’ve been like lightning returns collectors edition hint hint wink wink XD. I would’ve tired to get him to buy it for me, but I don’t have a bf so I bought it for myself instead XD. Have an awesome Valentines day with LR!!!

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