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English Voice Actors Confirm Their Involvements In Final Fantasy Agito and Type-0

Yesterday it was announced that Final Fantasy Agito and Type-0 HD are officially getting localized. Now with the confirmation out of the way we’re finally able to expect more details about their localization in the future, including the English voice cast.

Today Matthew Marcer, who gaming fans may know as Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 6, confirmed his involvement with the games as the official voice for Trey, Class Zero’s skillful archer.   FFType0-TreyRender2Cristina Vee also confirms to voice Cinque, the mace-wielding bubbly girl of the class. She has recently voiced Four from Drakengard 3. FFType0-CinqueRender2Orion Acaba confirms to voice Nine, the class’ hot-blooded dragoon. You may have heard him from Saints Row the IV and Resident Evil 6. FFType0-NineRender2

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  1. Matthew Mercer!! – one of my favourite Voice Actors! :D
    Not familiar with the other 2 but will have to check out their other works :)

    • If you want to hear Cristina, you can find videos of Drakengard 3 during the sequences between Zero and Four, and the DLC starring Four. It’s a wonderfully pleasant girl-com-complete psycho performance, and the DLC encourages both laughs and tears. Orion Acaba voices Ivar in Tales of Xillia, proper comedy.

      • aha – fair enough :p – ive seen and played a lot of series Matt’s been in – so i am very familiar with him – he has a great voice! :)

      • I too am Familliar with both Cristina from Drakengard and matt from the Resi Series.

        If you guys are fans of the TALES of series Orion Acaba plays the voice of a comedy character called IVAR in that series.
        Hes absolutely hillarious in it as well :D
        I can hear a serious tone in his vocals as well so if that character is serious he has the chops :) You guys wont be dissapoint

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