Final Fantasy Explorers

New Final Fantasy Explorers Character Renders and Artwork

What the Kweh is “Final Fantasy Explorers”?

Final Fantasy Explorers is an upcoming action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. The game heavily focuses on multiplayer features and it’s possible to experience with four players. Don’t you worry, you can also play  the whole game solo but multiplayer is available as local and through Wi-Fi connection.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a very similar experience to Monster Hunter games but according to the developers they wanted to make a game more like a light version of MMO games such as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The story is set in a world where…

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  1. Oh so it does have Singleplayer – nice
    This game has up to 200hrs of gameplay – which i think is fantastic – i usually finish a game anywhere between 40-60 hrs – over 100 hrs if i want to 100% it – so its great to have a game (that im interested in) – to keep me occupied for that length of time – will be fun :)

    • Let’s hope they will release the game here in West as well! This would be an amazing multiplayer experience for players who are still scared to step in Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn. I am quite sad people are worried about the monthly subscription system since this game has provided me so much more entertainment than many other titles and it continues to get more content after every upgrade.

      The game itself is fairly cheap already and you get a month free to play it! I recommend everyone to give it a chance and play fast to end game content which is awesome! + Get friends to play with you = AMAZING.

      • Oh i hope they do!!
        I havent played any of the MMOs in the series yet – want to leave them till last – but ive heard so many great things about 14 :)

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