Watch An Awesome Fanmade Video of Lightning Dancing And Singing in the Wildlands

We absolutely adore the creative minds of our community, especially when they spend time on creating something epic, fun and awesome. To encourage you and our community to be more awesome than it already is, we have decided to share fans’ productions more often than before. You may also remember one project we ran for a while, but you will be hearing more about it later.

The MMD scene on Youtube is quite big and you can find many videos of Final Fantasy or any other game characters singing and dancing to JPOP songs. The video we are sharing with you isn’t really an exception. It’s made by Haruhi-chan4ever and you can visit her/his channel for more similar videos. What’s your favorite MMD video on Youtube or any other video service? How do you express your creativity? Share your thoughts on the comments or reply us on social media. We’re looking forward to hear and see more!

The video was made with MMD “MikuMikuDance” freeware, which is an animation program that lets user animate and create 3D animations. It was originally made for Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku, but it was turned into freeware software later on. Many users have created and converted character models from games and other entertainment releases in order to make videos like this.

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    • Hey man this is far from hate, hah! So awesome!!!

      I really hope I could do similar kinds of videos, but sadly my computer doesn’t really meet the requirements to run the software well… *sigh*

  1. Lightning: O_O
    Serah: what’s wrong, sis?
    Lightning: I just had a horrible nightmare
    Serah: about what?
    Lightning I… I… Was dancing… And then…
    (Serah shows her the video).
    Lightning: o.O
    Serah: I told you! You shouldn’t have drunk that many Cactuar Tequilas…
    Lightning: T-T

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