Minimalistic “SaGa 2015” Wallpaper Available | Square Portal Edition

It’s hard to believe we are already in 2015, isn’t it? Hopefully your year has been amazing so far, but if that isn’t the case, we hope this minimalistic SaGa 2015 themed wallpaper will bring joy into your life. As usual, the wallpaper is designed and edited by us from Square Enix’s assets. SaGa 2015 is a new JRPG releasing exclusively for the PlayStation Vita this year.

As cliché as it may sound, a new year is always a possibility for a new start: for you and for Square Portal. Over the years, we have learned that it is important to try keep things fresh and interesting – that’s why we are continuing to enrich our content this year too. There will be experiments and more long-lasting projects and we hope you will enjoy them all. This way working on this site will be more pleasant and diverse experience for us too. After all, it’s not nice to keep doing the same thing every year. Our editor-in-chief (me!) will be telling more about his thoughts later this month.

Anyway… Happy New Year everyone! Let’s have amazing 20XV!


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