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Square Enix Delays The Release of Star Ocean 5

On the official site, Square Enix has announced that the Japanese release of Star Ocean 5 will be postponed from February 25, 2015 to March 31, 2015. The reason for this is rather simple: further polishing. The game is set to arrive in 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 […]

What to Expect from Square Enix at E3 2015?

E3 is a premier trade show for computer, video and mobile games and related products. For three exciting days, leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products will be showcased. The show offers a great opportunity for all-kind of game developers to reveal their latest products for retailers, […]

New Dissidia Final Fantasy Y’shtola Gameplay

Square Enix showed new Dissidia Final Fantasy gameplay footage featuring Y’hstola during the twentieth Final Fantasy XIV live letter. The quality of  the clip isn’t top tier because it was captured from the live stream. Square Enix held a special “Closed Conference 2015” where the developers discussed about […]