Final Fantasy III Is Coming for OUYA!

Square Enix Japan has announced that they are going to release FINAL FANTASY III for Android based kickstarter console, OUYA. The release of the game is planned to happen simultaneously with the launch of OUYA in March 2013. Square Enix also stated that they will be providing more content for the console in the future.

Final Fantasy III will be fully optimized for OUYA and it will have a free downloadable demo.
You can read more info about OUYA from their official kickstarter page.

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  1. […] Square Portal reported that the 2006 remake of Final Fantasy III originally developed for Nintendo DS will be its first game for Ouya. Released on the original Nintendo back in 1990, the DS remake of Final Fantasy III has been ported to multiple platforms recently, with an iOS version in 2011, a PSP version expected later this year, and an Android version released just at the end of June. With an Android version of the title already released, an Ouya port will be simple to develop and will ultimately benefit from the addition of a traditional controller. […]

  2. this is the fifth platform the game is on, its no win for ouya

    its a bigger proof that it will be a port machine

  3. With a publisher like Square Enix following this console, it is sure to really get the right publicity.

  4. […] Despite still being in the final stages of its Kickstarter campaign, the Android-powered Ouya console is still gathering serious momentum. Square Enix is the latest publisher to back the brave attempt to shake up the console market, pledging that the iPad/DS revamp of Final Fantasy III will be available at launch, and they'll follow it up with more games and content. With luck, they'll also start to throw some of their other IPs at the device – and other publishers will follow suit. [via Square Portal] […]

  5. […] to download.More content for Ouya is also in the works, Square Enix Japan explained (translated by Square Portal).A version of Final Fantasy 3 is already available for Android devices – a port of the 2006 […]

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