Final Fantasy III Is Coming for OUYA!

Square Enix Japan has announced that they are going to release FINAL FANTASY III for Android based kickstarter console, OUYA. The release of the game is planned to happen simultaneously with the launch of OUYA in March 2013. Square Enix also stated that they will be providing more content for the console in the future.

Final Fantasy III will be fully optimized for OUYA and it will have a free downloadable demo.
You can read more info about OUYA from their official kickstarter page.

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45 thoughts on “Final Fantasy III Is Coming for OUYA!

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  13. With a publisher like Square Enix following this console, it is sure to really get the right publicity.

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  18. this is the fifth platform the game is on, its no win for ouya

    its a bigger proof that it will be a port machine

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