Square Enix Reveals Their Gamescom 2012 Lineup!

Square Enix Europe has revealed their lineup for Gamescom which will be opening for everyone on August 16-19.08.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Real Reborn – You’ve seen the new trailer; now be the first people to see a gameplay presentation live on the show floor, only at gamescom. Also there will be opportunity for a signing session with games Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida (Friday and Saturday only).

FINAL FANTASY VII for PC – Take a look at the fan favourite in its return to PC.

Hitman: Absolution – Get to grips with the ruthless underworld of Assassination with a playable demo available on the show floor.

Tomb Raider – Have you got what it takes to survive? Take control of Lara Croft her and lead her to safety in playable demos on the show floor.

Sleeping Dogs – Celebrating the imminent launch of this immense Hong Kong action game, attendees will be able to play the role of Wei Shen and dish out their own idea of justice with a Sleeping Dogs demo available on the show floor.

Gameglobe – Build your own games from the comfort of your own browser? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. See how it’s done at the Bigpoint booth, C025-B024, in hall 8.

Quantum Conundrum – If you haven’t checked out this crazy-fun physics platformer from the mind of Kim Swift (Portal) then you can get some hands-on time on the show floor.

FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS – An entirely new FINAL FANTASY game for mobile platforms, inspired by root’s of the series success. What more could you want?

Koozac – The award-winning number puzzler will put your brain in a twist, but you won’t want to put this one down.

Motley Blocks – We hope you’ve got fast fingers because this 3D puzzle game requires a whole new level of attention and coordination.

Qwirkle – Earn points by building rows and columns of tiles that share a common shape or colour in this matching game that requires tactical manoeuvres and well-planned strategy

SolaRola – This physics based platformer sees you help Wiz and Waz, two happy-go-lucky blobs, on their mission to save the galaxy.

Mensa Academy – Put your brain to the ultimate challenge and find out your Mensa Academy score.

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  1. “- Final Fantasy VII PC re-release”

    ..oh god, I’d forgotten about that. Pah.

    Seems they’re saving all their real title news for TGS. Hopefully. *cough* Versus *cough*

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