The Announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-3 Is Happening Soon?

According to the Famitsu interview when they asked “Will there be any FFXII related content at the FF25th anniversary event?” Motomu Toriyama replied:  “We may soon discover the meaning behind the secret ending of Lightning DLC…”

In few interviews Kitase has commented that they want development cycles like Call of Duty series. Also a lot of original Final Fantasy XIII staff wasn’t credited for Final Fantasy XIII-2. This makes us wonder: Has another team been working on XIII-3 when other has been doing XIII-2?

So is Final Fantasy XIII-3 truly in the works? Will it be big release like FFXIII and XIII-2 or maybe smaller one?

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  1. game needs to be longer alot of trophies avatars for ps3,great story line more attacks and spells,more what if endings,summons,more playabe lighting and others and less monsters as 3rd party uness aother character can be chosen

  2. GAH. Even if they haven’t said that, we KNOW they are going to make it. How? THE GOSH DARN ENDING OF BOTH THE GAME AND THE LIGHTNING DLC, OF COURSE. They can’t make another DLC, well they could, but they already said that the Lightning one was the last.

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