Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Introducing Lumina and Wear System

LumianThe Newest issue of V-Jump has revealed some brand new information about new character and wear system used in the gameplay.


She is a new mysterious character who looks a lot like Lightning’s sister Serah. While wearing her gothic lolita costumes, Lumina likes to cause troubles for Lightning but sometimes she may even help her. All we can say for now is that she likes to play games with Lightning.

9793battle4Wear System

In Lightning Returns player gets his/her hands on new wear system similar to paradigm shift.  Wear system allows Lightning change her costumes during battles and every of them has its own ATB gauge and abilities which you can choose all by yourself – pretty similar to “classes” which are seen in some shooter multiplayer games. Costumes can probably be changed with triggers or bumpers but we will have more information about that later.

The magazine also talked about sidequest and by completing them Lightning get more time to explore the world before the end. More information, screenshots and renders coming soon!

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  1. Sweet a silhouette of a new mystery girl. No new news about the costume changing system. SE already mentioned the costumes when they debuted the game and we saw glimpses of it in the trailer. Pumped to hear a release date for this. Then I will actually have motivation to finished XIII-2. It sucks when you’re at a lull and take a break, it just makes it so hard to come back.

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