Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Brand New Lightning Returns Trailer, Artwork & Screenshots!

Yesterday Lumina and wear system were introduced to us on V-Jump magazine and today Sqaure Enix also released HQ versions of these new screenshots adding new ones, HD renders of Lumina and new Lightning costumes and also a brand new trailer!

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  1. I think cause either she been gone for so long or cause how she actin cause noel would be shocked to see her so thats probly why he dont think its her.But another note Square not liking some of her outfits she was more class than that like the one wit her in brown,and why take away her gunblade that kinda hinders her seein her as a close and long range fighter and her effiency in weapons such as guns but ill see what u have in store

  2. Interested to see why Noel is fighting Lightning :0
    Quests!! :D – and of course we have a time limit to complete them….. xD
    haha – just noticed chocobocolina (my god ive spelt that wrong havent i)
    Really wanna know more about that Lumina

  3. My thoughts exactly why r they fighting. Also I luv lights attitude when she says is that all u got. Luv the pictures I see this game is definently my most anticipated game of the year. =)

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