Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Lightning-Returns-Final-Fantasy-XIII_2013_10-28-13_016It’s time for your monthly Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII update! It’s LESS THAN A MONTH before the Japanese release of the game but Square Enix has lots of to show you before the storm arrives West. This time we get closer look to Fang, powerful monsters and Dead Dunes’ ancient ruins where Fang is searching for a mysterious relic with Lightning.


The mysterious relic may be hidden in the ancient ruins that Lightning and Fang will be exploring together – Fang also joins in battles to support Lightning against dangerous monsters.

As you all know pink is fabulous and deadly. The pink Skeleton monster you’re seeing in the screenshot is “the Last One”.  Every monster species have a limited number of individuals and after you have beaten all of them, you will face “the Last One” that is the most powerful, dangerous and difficult version of that specific monster. Beating it will likely reward you with rare items.

LR:FFXIII will be out Feb 11 in US and Feb 14 in EU.

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