Bravely Default

New Scans: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster & Bravely Default: For The Sequel


New scans from Jump! This time we are getting closer look at Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and Bravely Default: For The Sequel via new pictures and renders. Thank you, KAZU, for the scans!


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  1. Cant wait to play Braverly Default :) – cool that itll be getting a sequel
    Penance! – never even got a chance to fight it in FFX – got as far as beating the first 4 Dark Aeons – but when i got to Bahamut – that was on a whole new level – even with my Sphere Grids maxed (minus maxing out HP) and with the Celestial weapons – he beat me quick :0 – had a go with Yojimbo and got as far as the 3rd fight i think…. – i know there is the Zantetsuken trick but that takes too long :p – my friend spent ages doing it – restarting his game everytime Yojimbo didnt use it – i dont have time for that lol but i may give it a go xD
    No doubt there will be trophies for beating them all :0

    • I got all the Aeons in ffX, but that was only because of game shark cheats XD. Though that was a really really bad thing to do, because when you have to kill all the Aeons at the end, Yuna kept on summoning Anima. And no matter how many times I killed him he just kept on coming back. So because of that I couldn’t beat the game, and in order to beat it I had to start the game all the way back at the beginning. So the game taught me to never cheat again XD XD

      • Haha – went the easy route :p
        Well thats weird :s – one of the drawbacks of using cheats i guess lol
        I never really use cheats only some help from others who have completed the task with a brilliant tactic – but thats after ive tried a billion times to do it lol

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