Square Enix Reveals Their FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII Fragrance

NoctisToday @hidemi_mad_dog, The General Manager of Square Enix figure brand, posted a picture called “PRINCE!” on Twitter showing a new upcoming fragrance called “Noctis” which will likely be the official perfume of FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII. Noctis isn’t the only one who has gotten a perfume before – several perfumes have been named after Lightning, Sephiroth and Cloud.

Is the release of Final Fantasy Versus XIII nearer than we expect? Who will Noctis smell?


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  1. I didn’t know lightning had a purfume. And i call myself a final fan xD. I would also like both bottels for a keep sake. =)

    • I knew about the Lightning one – that was briefly mentioned in a Playstation mag back when FF13 just came out – didnt know about the Cloud and Sephiroth one though :0 – havent heard of any others – be cool if there were – have one of each character then xD

  2. haha you know – one day i will buy their fragrance – would love to know what it smells like xD – plus the bottles would be good for keep sake

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