Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Full Version of Lightning Returns Demo

People has started to upload videos and pictures from E3 2013 and now we got the full version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo. In the demo, player gets to know with the new battle system, chase Snow and battle against a huge dragon monster Lumina summons. Lightning has three different garbs: Divinity, Dark Muse, and just revealed Sorceress.

You can also see Mr. Hope Estheim’s new render icon in the video! The demo likely has some new music but due to poor audio quality we can’t hear them.

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    • Thanks for the link! Will be posting bigger news on it when I got enough time but for now I need to delay them because of my work. Running site alone is a bit challenging at times but so rewarding in the end!

  1. I’m wondering how the crystarium/leveling system will work~

    I do like the addition of the overclock mode and gaining more overclock percentage based on the enemies you defeat though.

    Non-regenerative Health/ATB between battles and the continuous timer that runs along side you during the game? :( Looks like I won’t be able to explore everything 100% on my first run through; there better be a sidequest towards the end of the game that allows me to get rid of it the constant pressure =+= The clock doesn’t run alongside battle times though, which is good.

    Last but not least, what is the blue bar above her HP when she’s not in battle? Seems like some reincarnation of the Mog Clock… or a bar to track your progress? I’m not too sure that was a strategic way to place it… (‘Chaos’ detector of sorts?)

  2. I loved the Sorceress costume. I hope they don’t remove it due to this negative feedback. It’s really beautiful–like something the Final Fantasy version of Princess Zelda might wear. And I like that each outfit brings out a different aspect of Lightning’s personality. I think people want her to be more flat and one-dimensional, but there’s more to her than that. I think the Sorceress pose and costume showed that off fantastically, it was delicate and feminine, two things none of Light’s other costumes have been to date.

    • Well first off they are keeping the costume but not the pose. I agree with each costume showing off lights personality but not like that. I mean the first time I saw it, it was so un lightning like that I actually didn’t know what she was doing, I thought she was going to do some power move until the battle stats came on the screen. That’s when I realized she was posing. I’m not saying lightning is an unfeminine girl and that she can’t fall in love or go in a date, but she is not Riku and I just can’t see her posing like that. I honestly wouldn’t care if SE found lightning a boyfriend, but I do want them to keep her close to character (close meaning I’m ok with them showing us a little bit more about lights personality, just don’t go crazy is all). XD

    • The only ‘negative’ feedback they received was about Lightnings pose at the end of the battle, while in her Mage costume – the creators have taken note and will change it – so this ‘pose’ will not exist in the actual game – the costumes will remain though so dont worry! :)

  3. Game play looks awesome and dose look like it flows well. I’m glad they are changing lightnings pose I mean come if lightning had a say in it I think she would blush. And she calls Hope Mr. Hope Esthiem?, kinda made me laugh but they did say she would be distant towards every one in the beginning. Love what I see here and it feels like February isn’t going to get here fast enough XD.

    • I agree with you about the pose. I bet that’s *exactly* how Light would respond! XD (and us for that matter, or at least I would)

      As for her addressing Hope, if you think about it, she hasn’t seen anyone for 5 centuries, and hasn’t seen Hope since the end of the first game (although she could’ve watched him via Valhalla). Makes sense she’d be formal towards him. It’ll be interesting to see how she warms up to her long lost friends after alll this time.

      On that note, I’m curious if we will get to know the NPCs and their back stories, if we’ll invest emotionally in their lives like you do in Majora’s Mask or FF:CC.

      Contemplating Light further, it seems she’s bitter towards the gods based on the screenshots, and that the world literally seems to hate her. Perhaps in the beginning she retreats into her “soldier” mentality: just focus on the mission and get the job done, and from there she attempts to fulfill her task objectively. Hmm. Only time will tell! (lol…)

      • Same here if I saw lights pose, I’d blush and then get mad at SE, this is Lightning not Riku from 10-2 XD. Any way I think, like you said, light is acting like that soldier once again. With everyone full of darkness I can see why lightning wants to keep distant (like you said nobody wants to see her or want her help). I’m still wondering about Hope, he must meet Lightning when she wakes up because so far every trailer we’ve seen him in he’s been right there talking to her. I can ask questions all day so I’ll stop there XD. But I am really excited to see what’s to come. =)

    • Phew, THAT’S good to know! I would’ve been severely disappointed if that was the final product! D:

      I hope the demo gets released on PSN. I want to see how many strategies can be used in terms of fighting Lumina’s monster. I kept saying, “go for the tail!” XD And I agree with you, nv8hft, it *does* look very fluent. Can’t wait for February!!

    • I also found that pose to be unexpected and very…..un-Lightning like lol
      Her other poses seemed fine though – just that one for the Mage was off :s

      • Ya I think we all felt this way. I was like who are we posing for lightning Mr. Hope Esthiem, is he that good looking XD (or better yet, big time fans service). Though the rest of the game play was awesome =).

    • I would rather keep it, think of lightning having multi personality disorder. lightning cold and distant, éclair innocently sexy. perfect character description and selling point.
      although I will respect your views aswell

  4. Oh sweet! – forgot that the demo would be playable at E3! :o
    Now weve seen what its like to move Lightning in battle – and the way the gauge or Schemata is replenished
    Did not expect Lightning to pose that way at the end O.o
    ahhh – you can switch between costumes like the Paradigm shift
    This gameplay looks very fluent and quick
    The place look great too! :)

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