Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns Screenshots and Details: Chaos

We got you Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news with brand new screenshots and information on chaos.

Remember when Lumina asked Lightning: “You can see in this stuff?” when they were standing in the chaos in E3 2013 trailer/demo? This chaos represents the upcoming destruction of the world.


These chaos “concentrations” will appear to random locations and monsters near will become even more powerful. However, if you have a courage to go and beat them, you will likely receive rare and useful items.


To find these “distortions” you can follow people and their behavior. When they face the chaos, they try to avoid and escape from it as best as they could. Make sure that your HP and gear is fixed and full that you are ready for these challenging battles since Lightning won’t get her HP back after battles unlike in earlier installments of FFXIII-saga.


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      • They were fairly simple lol :p
        Same for the other battles in 13-2
        I found the Long Gui in 13 was a challenge at first but i created a tactic that made it very easy to beat
        In LR though – since you can run into strong enemies at the beginning of the game it seems – that makes it more of a challenge – since your characters have low stats/equipment/abilities etc. – so youre more likely to die :p

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