Final Fantasy

Square Portal’s Thursday Night Dance Fever

We got a dance fever!

Feeling a bit tired with all these E3 news and console wars? Well get up because it’s party time! It’s finally time to do something fun and less formal for a moment! To cheer up your Thursday/Friday morning/day/evening/night we made this special post about, well, Final Fantasy character that are dancing fabulously in these fanmade MMD videos. Why not get up and and dance with them in your room?!

Share your favorite dance videos and tell which of these was your favorite on comments!

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  1. The second to last was the funniest. I was like what on earth love that ending to. There’s one I’ve seen but it’s not a dance one, it’s of cloud, squall, and tidus I think it’s titled Tidus’s blitz ball tournament it’s really funny.

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