Drakengard 3: TGS 2013 Trailer & Introducing the Cast

drakengard3bannerTokyo Game Show 2013 is over but new game trailers just keep arriving in the internet. And Drakengard 3 trailer isn’t an exception. The new trailer focuses on introducing the cast of the game while the theme song, “This Silence Is Mine” by Chihiro Onitsuka, plays in the background. Drakengard 3 will be released on December 19th, 2013 in Japan. Only for PS3.

Introducing the Cast

She is a songstress who is gifted with an ability to manipulate magic through songs. She is an Utautai and Zero does not mind being in a relationship with men. However, she has a violent disposition and is easily irritated. Zero’s left arm is prosthetic and she also has a distinctive flower growing out of her right eye.

ONE: Pronounced as Wan, is the younger sister of Zero. She is intellectual and serious by nature, which is a complete opposite of Zero. Due to the difference in their nature, One has a hard time getting along with her elder sister.

TWO: Governs the country of sand. She’s a bright and cheerful young girl, who can get along with just about anyone. She is considered to be the life of the party character of the sisters.


THREE: One of Zero’s sisters, and happens to be listless, lethargic and has a dangerous temperament. She is an Utautai and rules over a forest country and is said to be popular with some soldiers. Three is overly obsessed with her own interests, but does not care for anything that does not interest her. She is indifferent to her sister Zero.

FOUR: Is the fifth of the Utautai sisters and governs the mountain country. She speaks and acts with grace and has the refined personality of a good listener. But behind her prim and stiff personality hides a twisted inferiority complex. Much like the other Utautai, she possesses a high sex drive, but due to her repressed personality, she has never been able to act upon it and, among her sisters, is the only virgin.

FIVE: Utautai who governs the water kingdom and one of six sisters. She has great confidence and greed, and relentless cravings, but the moment she obtains what she desires, her interest is lost. She speaks slovenly and loves to allude her sex life. Her appetite knows no bounds.

MIKHAIL: a white dragon and partner of Zero. It’s relationship with Zero is still uncertain, because it is unknown whether they have a pact or some kind of mutual bond.

CENT: A good looking guy who wields a twin-sword, Cent has a lot of self-confidence, but makes lots of mistakes, and causes trouble by spreading false information.

An old man whose greed has no match and wields a special hoop as his weapon. He looks strange, but is cunning. Among the apostles, he boasts the biggest pride.

DECAD: A super masochistic middle-aged man who fights with a fist and well-trained body. Compared to the other apostles, he is a gentleman who has a normal personality and pays consideration to women. He is an extreme masochist who turns pain and agony into his personal reward. He tries to keep a low-profile, but is well-known to all the members nonetheless.

DITO: A pretty boy on the outside who is extremely cruel and powerful on the inside. He wields a Chinese spear. A smart young man with sharp senses, he is able to understand other peoples’ mentality and hurt others with his wisdom. He finds delight in others’ painful expressions and screams.

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