Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Thirteenth Farewell Character Page: Fang

It has come time to launch another project related to The Thirteenth Farewell. This time we are collecting your thoughts on all Final Fantasy XIII main characters and why do you love them.

Today, it is FANG’s turn. Simply post your thoughts on comments or fill the contact form, and tell us what is the best thing about her.

All participants are also part of our special Lightning Returns giveaway where you can win a signed poster or a Lightning figure!

We will also collect all your social media posts on her as well part of this project!

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  1. Quotes collected from Twitter:

    ‏@dissasterrific: “Her devotion in protecting Vanille!”

    @sheloveswhite: “How she protects Vanille – Fang gives her strength & hope; besides she’s a strong & independent woman!”

    @NicoleJones74: “I love everything about her. She makes me laugh/cry, she’ll tear the sky for Vanille, she and Lightning are why I got the game.”

    @lightningsass: “Her love and willingness to do anything to protect Vanille.”

    @LilithKuroYami: “EVERYTHING!! FANG IS PERFECT!”

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