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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Limited Edition Announced, New Screens Released

Limited Edition


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX is getting a limited edition for both Europe and North America! Preorder to ensure an automatic upgrade of your Standard edition order (while supplies last) and obtain an exclusive pin badge featuring Sora and Mickey Mouse! The limited edition is also available on the online store (NA / EU).



Have some new screens from the remastered HD cinematic cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded as well!


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  1. I am really excited for the new HD release of KH, in short, I have been a fan since day one of the series. Drawn me in with final fantasy characters and Disney. That reason alone is why I love Kingdom Hearts. Plus I am a total fan of RPG games :)

  2. I’ve always been a fan of Square Enix’s RPGs namely (and obviously) the Final Fantasy series. And well, who doesn’t love Disney? This game has brought my experience as a gamer and as a person to a whole new level. The depth of the story and the meaningful points, most of them including friendship overall, is simply heartwarming. Plus the game is so cool and interesting! To me, Kingdom Hearts, is a part of me.

  3. Ooooh – why do i love Kingdom Hearts? So many reasons….

    I guess a part of it lies with nostalgia having Disney be a main theme within the Series. I grew up watching the films and have always loved them. Seeing them in this new form together with another Series, Final Fantasy, that i also love, peaked my interest. The first time i played Kingdom Hearts, just blew me away. The visuals, especially the Openings which are all incredible, was a great way to introduce us audience; and get us excited. The art-style was played very well to fit together with Disney, it was appealing to all ages i thought. The music within the Series not only brings back childhood memories and makes you ‘sing-a-long’ haha, its also captivating and moving; even making the scenes that more emotional (Xions’ theme being one). The Story is a big one, the thing about Kingdom Hearts is how complicated it can get – in a good way! It expands and intertwines so many things together, and the questions that would’ve been lingering about for so long get answered in a way that has you sitting there almost speechless thinking ”THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!”. These are the kind of stories that i really really love! Twists, unexpected events and scenes that leave you hanging, makes you beg for more aha. The characters in the Series, mainly the ones created specifically for Kingdom Hearts e.g Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel etc. They have such unique looks, personality and different thought processes, but are so easy to like and enjoy to see. They make an impact not only on the Series but with you, the player. You play as them, watch them grow, fight, interact and leave their mark on the world they are in. You become attached to them because you’ve spent time getting to know each one. Plus it’s very interesting to see characters for different Series interacting with one another. As for the gameplay, this is one of my favourite systems in any Series that i have played. It’s so well balanced and smooth, with so many things going on. It’s very fun and addictive and even offers alot of options for you to play with. As the Series goes on it improves and changes its shape ever so slightly so it may fit within the game and with the player.

    So, to put it simply, Kingdom Hearts captivated me through many of its aspects. Everything just fits so well together it’s amazing how Nomura was able to achieve this and to maintain its consistency! It’s never lost its fun, childhood memories never stops folding in when you play, beautiful music, awesome characters and a deep, symbolic story that will not fail to pull you in :3

  4. I honestly fell in love with FF as a kid. I recently tried KH 1.5 and so far I’m loving it. Although I’ve been mostly giving my time up for FF X/X-2 Remastered version, I just can’t get enough of the memories and childhood feels.
    At times like these, I just wish I could lock myself in for 3 days in my room and just finish those games, and play them again and again til I just memorize every detail. They’re just amazing. Although is it me or are the graphics just.. not 7th console generation worthy?

  5. Kingdom Hearts was a blind endeavor for me as well. As a little 8 year old kid I was really attracted to the box art and asked my parents to get it for me on a whim and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I enjoyed the Final Fantasy/Disney mash up especially since I had just finished X and saw Tidus and Wakka in the first level. Kingdom Hearts is what got me really into the Final Fantasy series after seeing all the different characters and I can honestly say that Kingdom Hearts is the first game series I became emotionally invested in. In fact Kingdom Hearts 2’s ending was the first time I cried over a game. Each entry is better than the last in terms of gameplay, the story is gripping and well written, and each game’s OST is superb and I honestly can’t wait for 2.5 Remix although I’m a bit biased since Kingdom Hearts 2 is my favorite out of the series.

  6. I personally am most excited for Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep since, in my opinion, they are the best in the series so far. I especially can’t wait to experience BBS in glorious HD, the upgrade from the PSP visuals will surely be stunning.

  7. Everything and also Utada Hikaru XD it’s what everyone should agree and appreciate what Square Enix has done for the fans to create games like Kingdom Hearts so we can have fun and have feelings/bonds with characters that we like love and ship and also the music and songs it speaks to everyone including me that’s why KH games are so unique in everyway :)

  8. In the beginning, Kingdom Hearts was a total blind buy for me, I mostly just got it because I am a huge Square Enix fan, but after seeing the opening and going through the Station of Awakening, I completely got into it. It was cool enough with just the fact that it was Square Enix mixed with Disney, but the story, the characters, light vs. dark, friendship and the keyblades, all of it just leads to greatness. To me, Kingdom Hearts is a masterpiece.

  9. This is the reason why I fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts series at the first place. Never underestimate the power of an amazing theme song.

  10. I never did get Disney Characters mixed with FF JRPG, don’t think I ever will. Am I actually missing something by refusing to give this series a try? It looks so ridiculous (US Disney and JP Square put together). Obviously people tell me I am wrong the series has done very well.

    • You might be! At first, the music in the series is amazing! (as you can expect from Square Enix’s games) However, you can always experience that by listening the songs but perhaps you will be missing the emotional connection between story and soundtrack. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the game looks ridiculous as long as it’s a good game, which Kingdom Hearts games have been for me since the beginning. The gameplay is fun and characters are touching and stories are interesting enough – perhaps a bit confusing time to time, though!

      If I was you, I would give it a chance since there is a HD remaster out of the first games and the second one is coming in December – good time to get into the series before the third part arrives. Of course, you can’t force yourself but there must be a reason why millions of people love it – I don’t think it’s only because the Disney stuff since the game stands on its own – not because there are famous Disney characters. Anyway, I always felt Disney was only providing inspiration to story areas which are movie related but still completely original work. Characters are like in movies but they obviously react differently in the games because they are living in a bit different worlds now.

      That’s my opinion on the Kingdom Hearts series and I hope you would try to give it another chance and actually enjoy it since it’s always awesome to add more amazing games to your gaming library! :)

  11. I’ve been a huge Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fan since I was 6 and to see that a limited edition for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 includes a pin is somewhat depressing. I hate to be a party-pooper but I’m just upset that Japanese fans gets an amazing collectors edition with a soundtrack, KH1.5, an amazing packaging and a Play Arts Kai Limit Form Sora that can be added on and all American, Europea and Australian fans will only get a pin. I understand the reason for a pin as a limited edition bonus would be due to the number of people pre-ordering the game but seriously can’t we have something more like the lucky Japanese fans who I’ve envied for so long ever since they had the final mix and international/zodiac versions of FInal Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

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