Play Arts -Kai-

Square Enix Is Making A Halo 2 Anniversary Play Arts ~Kai~ Figure | New Pictures

Square Enix has put the colored version of upcoming Halo 2 Play Arts -Kai- figure on display at San Diego Comic Con 2014. They figure was first revealed at E3 2014 when Square Enix announced another collaboration with 343 and Microsoft – the Play Arts Kai Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Master Chief figure. This figure will be the third version of Master Chief Square Enix has created for their Play Arts ~Kai~Halo line. It’s nine inche tall and includes two weapons: a covenant energy sword and Halo 2’s iconic dual SMGs. Pre-orders for the figure should be opening soon. Stay tuned.


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  1. Damn Halo 2… I think I’m going to buy this figure just for pure nostalgia! I still remember the days I was playing Halo 2 Vista with my buddies, anyone else? :)

    • Yeah, Square Enix figures always look great and I have considered picking up one Halo play arts kai at some point since I’m a huge fan of the series. Still, I didn’t play Halo 2 on Vista, though!

      In my opinion, Halo really stands out from other shooters with its great art direction, music and interesting universe. As a fan of Square Enix and Halo, I’m glad SE and MS are doing collaborations this way! The upcoming Master Chief Collection is pure fan service for the fans and I can’t wait to experience all hundred maps on multiplayer! Four player co-op through all four campaigns should be a great experience as well! The MCC is really the only reason why I’m buying Xbox One this Fall.

      Hopefully it and PS4 get well along! :D

      • Indeed! Square Enix is so spot on it’s art when it comes to figures, concept arts, graphics or anything visually aesthetic!

        I really loved the Halo series too and it was the reason that I’ve bought an xbox 360 to be honest (although I’ve bought other great games too on it so it was 100% worth it!). Oh god is there such a collection? Oh maaaan! I better search about it and buy it, 100 maps?! This is crazy! And 4 player co-op on all 4 campaigns will be awesome, I have 2 little brothers and we all loved playing Halo campaign or matchmaking together so it will be the ultimate experience for us to take that rusty battle rifle we’ve left collecting dust in our armory and shoot some Elites (If you know what I mean ;) haha!).

        I’m not sure if I will buy PS4 or Xbox One though yet, I’m leaning more to PS4 because I’m scared that Square Enix will have PS exclusive titles, and anime titles usually come out on PS only too. My favourite games are usually Anime-related so it is either that or Square Enix games which have an anime feel to it. Although from what I’ve heard Xbox One had better exclusives so far.

        I think of buying any of the 2 when price drops a bit more and there are better exclusives, the only game that excites me in the new gen is Destiny at the moment (which can be played on xbox 360/PS3 consoles too) so I will wait till I see better new IPs or old series being remade or given sequels!

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