Drakengard 3 “Story Side” Novel Will Be Released in August [Japan]


A new Drakengard 3 novel will be hitting Japan next month. “Story Side” will be telling an additional story about an unseen branch. The story will follow Zero, Itoner sisters and Mikhail and reveal how, when and where they were born in the first place. The book has 258 pages and pricing is set to 1008 yens which is approx.7.40$€ / 10$. People who know how to read Japanese can pre-order their copies now or pick up the book from the stores on 28th August.

For now, the book is a Japanese-only release.

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  1. Wow what amazing art! I really love the character designs for this game, I’ve watched it’s full walkthrough on youtube and it’s fantastic! I wish it was available on xbox 360 too or maybe playable on ps4 in the future! :<

      • Yeah Johnny! I really like the idea of Playstation Now although I hope that you will be able to purchase and keep the game instead of just renting them, I’m sure that it’s better to have a game saved on your hard drive and play it whenever you have some time bit by bit and exploring every part of it instead of rushing to beat it because you have to meet the deadline which your game is taken back again and you must re-rent it. But if there is absolutely no way to play it other than renting it then I will just resort to it, I really love artistic characters and Zero is definately one, her style shocked me from the first time that beautiful flower blooming out of her eye! Plus the battle mechanics are affected by spilled blood and I really like things that have to do with life and death, thus blood to some extend, I believe they really bring out the supernatural in them!

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