All Chaos Rings Titles Arrive for PS Vita This Year | New Artwork And Screenshots

According to Re: Zaregoto, Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy will contain all the previous installments from the Chaos Rings series. That’s right! Square Enix will be releasing all four titles in one package as Chaps Rings III: Prequel Trilogy collection arrives for the PS Vita on 16th October in Japan. It still remains a mystery how games are remade and updated for Vita. More details will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show where Chaos Rings III is playable for the public audience.

The official website was also updated with new screenshots and artwork that can be viewed below:


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  1. Damn why Ps Vita?! I think it’s a really fun game from all the videos I’ve seen so far despite it’s old graphics!
    Pfff *Adds “must buy PS Vita”* to his wish list that contains thousands of things to buy!

    • Not gonna lie i like the Vita and all, but i hate that some really good games came out for it and it still isn’t popular. I mean soul sacrifice is amazing to me. I could easily want to play that but playing a bunch of ports all the time wont help me get the vita anytime soon.

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