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The First Anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV


Hello Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Team,

Square Portal wishes happy birthday for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and congrats to the entire development team behind the game. You did a really amazing job at making this an unforgettable journey and great experience. The relaunch and comeback were one of the most incredible or even the most impressive we have seen in the games industry. We also are happy to tell we have spent hundreds of hours in the game, like millions of other fans. It’s great to see that after the launch there hasn’t been much lack of content, and always after a short pause there has been something new to play and experience. As the value of the game has kept steadily increasing, the newcomers and veterans have so much story and gameplay content to experience this package has become a great deal and provides good value for the money.

1920x1080_19 copyThe communication between the team and the community has been something we really loved seeing. All these live letters and direct regards from the developers really have really broken the barrier between fans and the team, making our bond even stronger.It’s great to see a more human side of the company even though it might feel a bit dangerous and scary. Listening to the feedback has led to many good things such as adjusting dungeon/mission rewards, providing new gametypes, polishing the technical side and even allowing us to marry anyone you want in the game. Many other things were done the right way, thus improving the overall product and relationship between us.

That’s why we hope other Square Enix teams would follow this example and communicate deeper with the community, by making video letters and and really showing the game to us. Throwing a bunch of screenshots and information and calling it day shouldn’t be an option anymore. This will mean more co-work between marketing and developer teams but it will be worth it – especially after seeing the results with Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch.

Thank you for the amazing year with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We can’t wait to see what the future patches have for us! Let’s have another great year with the fans and developers!

Square Portal

UPDATE: It seems there are some server issues with PS4’s streaming software and Twitch. Our apologizes for inconvenience. We will continue tomorrow!

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