The Ultimate Final Fantasy XV TGS14 Screenshot Gallery

We have captured over 60 screenshots from the newest Final Fantasy XV trailer because why not! You can read all Final Fantasy XV news from here.



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  1. I Think Stella and Luna are the same person,She used the name ‘Luna’ when she met Noctis.her real name is really Stella…

    • It has been in the works but we faced a problem with the quality of the TGS14 trailer itself. Since Square Enix has released only a very compressed version, it’s more difficult to us to capture high quality and pleasant screenshots. For us, it’s about the experience and the quality and the trailer captures don’t reach our standards.

      The shaky screenshots don’t justify the new upgrades the game has received and it’s better to watch the trailer itself. :)

  2. I don’t have a ps4 yet i wanted to get it in bundle with this amezing game but looks like it will not release soon and there is great ps4 games coming so im gonna buy a ps4 and wait:(

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