The Girl in Final Fantasy XV TGS14 Trailer Is Not Stella | New Screenshots


She is Luna

Dengeki reports the character we saw in the Tokyo Games Show 2014 trailer is indeed the girl called “Luna”, and she is referred to as a “new character”. This was confirmed in a new scan from the latest issue of the magazine. More updates, please? Like our new Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!

Source & “Scan” from ExeForce84



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    • That’s not actually sure because Stella wears star earrings and Luna doesn’t. Also, Luna wears a moon pendants, which implies they are completely different characters.

  1. I really thought it was the Stella, but now the name, Luna and Stella, I think the meanings are Moon and Star, I do not know, but by the looks VERY similar, I would say that may be the sister of Stella.

  2. I thought that dress didn’t suit Stella. But I’m still not convinced their related. Maybe she lives in Accordo (judging by the background furniture), and going there is how Noctis’ group gets involved in the attack on the city at the battle with Leviathan.

    Right. So there’s Stella, Luna, that black-haired girl and the female dragoon we saw once (confirmed to still be in XV). That’s four, and three out of the four are probably important figures with reasonable character development judging by comments from Nomura. I guess I’m feeling a little less nervous about this game’s gender issues. I can tell now that XIII’s abundance of fairly strong female characters left a huge impression on me.

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