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All Mainline Final Fantasy Games Could Arrive To PlayStation 4 At Some Point

During the interview with Game Watch, Shinji Hashimoto discussed about bring Final Fantasy titles such as the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to PlayStation 4. Since the PlayStation Experience event, many fans have been wondering, why is Square Enix bringing these titles as ports / re-releases for the new-generation console now. Hashimoto was kind enough to explain the reasoning behind Square Enix’s recent actions:

“Actually, the re-releases won’t be limited to Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X / X-2. Other Final Fantasy titles could arrive for the PlayStation 4 as well. We have been planning to create a great ecosystem for the series, but for now, most titles are only available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Also, China is getting its first home console in years and we would like bring the long-awaited masterpieces for the Chinese players as well. PlayStation 4 is the best way to make this happen now. This would also help the console sell better in the region and worldwide.”

Hashimoto added that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X & X-2 are coming to the PlayStation 4 because it doesn’t have backward compatibility and the cloud services aren’t yet good enough to provide a great game experience for most of the gamers.

Which Final Fantasy title would you like to see next arriving for the PlayStation 4? Note that these re-releases are most likely the original versions – not remakes or upgrades. Most of the Final Fantasy games are released as digital titles for PlayStation 3, PSP and PSVita – Square Enix just wants to make its games available as widely as possible.

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  1. XII is the only FF that can only be legally played on its original system (PS2) right now, and in order to legally play the IZJS version a Japanese PS2 and the game itself must be imported and played in Japanese.

    Releasing this game on PS4 would be a miracle that I have been waiting for since XII IZJS was first released. I want to play it so bad!

    • I haven’t thought about those sweet license charts in so long. That sick torture of a trailer we were given and told it would never come stateside was horrible. I hope you didn’t just raise my hopes for nothing. My Feels…

  2. I don’t know…it makes me feel like the games lose their legacy this way. But I suppose it’s “only fair” to let those who weren’t passionate or old enough to play the games the first or second time they came around.

  3. Hate to crash the party, but there’s no way XI gets ported. They’re trying to phase it out and they would have to do a lot of work to make it work on PS4, they haven’t updated the English version on PS2 in years either. I’d expect the PC version of VIII and a XII HD Remaster at some point. And ports of the iOS/Android/PC versions of III, IV, V and VI. I and II haven’t been remastered in HD yet though, so might have to wait awhile or accept the PSOne Classic. They could do a full HD remaster of IX but I don’t see it happening.

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